We have a lot going on with us and we wanted to fill you in on it. More importantly, we’d love to hear from you! If you have a story, anecdote or anything else that you’d love to share, please comment below, we talk about ourselves way too much as it is.

New Team Members
Thanks to your amazing patronage, we’re expanding our team to serve you even better. We have several new techs starting this month to handle your business in a faster and more efficient manner. This means that our services are going to be even better!

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Behind The Scenes
It turns out that a lot of work goes into being a locksmith. We have numerous appointments and requests at any moment that need to go to our techs and are tracked for assurance and quality. Given thousands of appointments, it gets confusing quickly! That’s why we’re in the process of replacing our previous software with a new state of the art system. We hope to make a seamless transition, but if there are any hiccups, we greatly appreciate your patience.

2018 has been such an incredible year, thank you so much to everyone that was a part of it. We look forward to an even better and brighter 2019. Cheers!

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We have a lot going on with us and we wanted to fill you in on it. More importantly, we’d love to hear from you! If you have a story, anecdote or anything else that you’d love to share, please comment below, we talk about ourselves way too much as it is. New Team Members…

Question of the Week: Business Discounts

Question: Do you offer any discounts to businesses that have to use locksmiths a lot? Answer: Yes! Although we talk about our residential clients a lot, we also work with a lot of businesses. Currently we work with car rental and dealership companies, property managers, construction and design firms, and numerous other verticals. Our commercial…

Review of the week – Toni B

Via Yelp: I found this company completely by chance and have happily used them 4 times now. They show up exactly on time, which is critical in my business. The owner, Ben, was very professional as was another employee, Amir. I look forward to a good working relationship with this company. Why we love it:…

Question of the week: Locksmiths on a Holiday

Question: What if I need a locksmith on Christmas (or any other holiday)? Will you guys actually come and help me right away or am I SOL? Answer: YES! When we say 24/7 we truly mean every day of the year. While a lot of companies say they offer around the clock but have no…

25% Off Labor – Now Through Thanksgiving

There’s so much commotion around the holidays, needing to call a locksmith is usually the last thing on your mind. So before we get into the thick of things, we want to offer you huge savings off of labor fees! This will be our biggest discount of the season so no need to wait for…

Review of the Week: Omri Y.

Via Yelp: Nothing is more frustrating than locking yourself outside your own apartment on a Sunday morning. I took my dog out for a walk in Hollywood, the moment my door slammed I knew I’m in troubles. I went on Yelp and after calling 4 different companies, these guys answered their phone on a Sunday…

Question of the week: Key Broke in a Lock

Question: I broke my key off inside of the lock, do I need to replace the entire lock? Answer: Depends. Most locksmiths will flatly tell you that they need to replace the entire lock because that makes them the most money. However, we teach our technicians to always try to salvage the lock if possible….

Meet Our Owner – Ben Jacoby

Los Angeles is a city of dreams. Every year thousands of people come here to chase their dreams of being an actor, model or some other type of star. Our owner, Ben Jacoby, came here with a very different dream: The American Dream. Growing up in Israel, Ben always had a quest to do more,…

Tips for Hiring a Reliable Emergency Locksmith in Your Area

Locks can be tricky and very intensely complicated at times. They do provide safety and security for our homes and office but they also call for a lot of maintenance and other related chores. Most of the times we tend to just forget them and take them for granted. They are there, fixed on our…

Auto Locksmith Los Angeles: Insights to Quality And Customer Loyalty

There are certain aspects on which we can count for finding a reliable Locksmith firm. This means to find a locksmith service on which you could completely rely for quality and satisfaction. We are talking about customer satisfaction and quality because these two factors are the outcomes of service which every customer seeks. Today, we…